LED mega fairylight Opal is one type of Mega fairyights.

Mega fairy lights are festoon low voltage lighting which has been developed to provide a safe multipurpose energy saving system. For use in harsh environment areas of high humidity, water fronts, buildings, ships, trees, stage etc.

Rated at 24v LED bulbs, they are energy efficient with long life. The cable and fittings are U.V stabilized.

Lens caps are available in 40mm and 50mm.


The cover of the light is unbreakable.

When you want to change the colour, you just change the bulb.

 The light is safe and easy to repair.

                       Technical Specifications

  • Electrical Voltage          24 Volts 
  • LED/Intensity               100Lumens/approx
  • Power                             1.2 watt
  • Conductor size              30/.25
  • Maximum current        15 amps