Led fairy lights are sub-miniature festoon system mounted on a flexible cable. All lamps are connected in parallel. Therefore, in the event of lamp failure, only that lamp ceases to operate, not group of lamps, as in many of the tubular systems

Led fairy lights are extremely safe. Rated at 12 or 24 volts, they are LED energy efficient and have an extremely long life. Fairy lights can be easily re-lamped in seconds or relocated to a new position. The cable and fitting are UV stabilised.

Led Fairy lights come in a variety of colours such as Warm White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Amber. 


                       Technical Specifications

  • ·       Electrical Voltage – 12 or 24 Volts 
  • ·       Amperage /-Lamp. 020Amps
  • ·       Conductor size 24/.2
  • ·      Maximum Current 7.5amps
  • ·       Height 25mm